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Songs for Moving Green

Songs for Moving Green
 | 東京都千代田区、中央区

■Client Works / Space


Tokyo Creative Salon 2024のプロジェクトのひとつ、移動式庭園「Moving Green」の音楽。


<#1 Moving Green>


<#2 Slit Park>


<#3 江戸桜通り地下歩道>



<#4 大屋根広場>



<#5 福徳の森>


​​Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.

Music for a mobile garden "Moving Green", one of the projects of Tokyo Creative Salon 2024.


​The music concept is "Place where city and nature meet". The music was inspired by plants and the places Moving Green travels to. The music changes depending on the location, and music is played as one approaches the plants using three small speakers with human sensors.

<#1 Moving Green>

The instruments are acoustic guitar, electric bass, flute, harp, synthesizer, clarinet, kalimba, toms, and drum machine. With the theme of "Place where the city and nature meet", this song is as if the plants are trying to communicate with people.  The drum machine rhythm is inspired by the plants moving through the city, and live instruments and synthesizers express the life-like and slightly mysterious nuances.

<#2 Slit Park>

The instruments are electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and keyboards. The music is such that the sound passes between buildings, or the sound reflects off the sky above.

<#3 Edo Sakura Street Underground Passage>

The instruments are piano and saxophone. With a piano melody and saxophone phrases like dancing cherry blossoms, this piece expresses the luxury of the underground of Nihonbashi and the rows of cherry trees above ground.

<#4 Roofed Outdoor Plaza>

The instruments are marimba, synthesizer, and saxophone. The music expresses the scattering of sparkling light from the ceiling big glass and the view warmed and swaying by the parasol heaters in the plaza.


<#5 Fukutoku Garden>

The instruments are acoustic guitar, bells, drums, and organ. Mysterious nature scenes in the city are expressed with the guitar. The music aims for a ritualistic atmosphere of a Shinto ritual, using bells and drums.

Title:Songs for Moving Green


Photo (1-6, 10-12, 22-24):株式会社オープン・エー

​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

#1 Moving Green
00:00 / 34:28
#2 Slit Park
00:00 / 06:02
#3 江戸桜通り地下道 / Edo Sakura Street Underpass
00:00 / 13:30
#4 大屋根広場 / Roofed Outdoor Plaza
00:00 / 08:05
#5 福徳の森 / Fukutoku Garden
00:00 / 08:16
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