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Songs for Newcomer Mocktail

Songs for Newcomer Mocktail
 | 東京都渋谷区

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渋谷パルコ10階 ComMunEにて開催された「Newcomer Mocktail」の音楽。


楽曲コンセプトは「Newcomer Mocktail」。会場の5ヶ所から流れる楽曲がズレ続けながらも空間で混ざり合うことでひとつの音楽が完成する。 







Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.

Music for "Newcomer Mocktail" held at ComMunE, Shibuya Parco 10th floor.

The music concept is "Newcomer Mocktail". The music played from five locations in the venue continue to shift but mix together in the space to create a single piece of music.


The instruments are strings, electric guitar, piano, synth bass, percussion, and keyboards. We expressed the atmosphere of a new taste coming, the action of making mocktails, and the key visuals with music.



The instruments are drum, bass, banjo, flute, and synthesizer. We expressed the aroma of various mocktails, such as exotic herbal scents and pastoral medicinal herbs with music.


The instruments are classical guitar, steel pan, clarinet and pinjacan. We expressed the refreshing herbs and cider bouncing with music. 

Title:Songs for Newcomer Mocktail


​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

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