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Songs for 植物が未来のエネルギー!?展

Songs for 植物が未来のエネルギー!?展
 | 東京都世田谷区

■Client Works / Space


下北沢「BONUS TRACK」にて開催された、グリーンディスプレイによる植物の力で発電するbotanical lightを用いた体験型イベント「植物が未来のエネルギー!?展」の音楽。



<#1 / ギャラリー


<#2 / パーク>

シンセベース、コントラバス、アコースティックギター、マリンバ、ヴィブラフォン、トロンボーン、ティンパニ、ハープシコードなどを使用。#1 の要素をベースに、リズミカルに様々な植物が歌い出しているような雰囲気を音楽で表現した、躍動的でグルーヴ感のある楽曲。

<#3 / ルーム>


​Spatial design using music.

Music for the hands-on exhibition "Plants Are the Energy of the Future!?" using botanical lights that generate electricity with the power of plants held by Green Display at "BONUS TRACK" in Shimokitazawa.

The music concept is "Future Energy," "Botanicals," and "Track (Railroad tracks). The three songs, inspired by the botanical lights in the green display and the exhibit locations, were composed and placed in the gallery, park, and room (Park and room only during events). We aimed to create a seamless connection between the three locations through music.

<#1 / Gallery>
The instruments are marimba, synthesizer, vibraphone, trombone, electric sitar, cane, timpani, piano, and harpsichord, etc. The music expresses the intersection of three elements: the dynamic movement of microorganisms and plants happening for power generation, the constant rhythm inspired by Track (Railway track), and expansion of future energy.


<#2 / Park>
The instruments are synth bass, double bass, acoustic guitar, marimba, vibraphone, trombone, timpani, harpsichord, etc. Based on the elements of #1, the music is lively and groovy, like various plants singing  rhythmically.

<#3 / Room>
The instruments are electric bass, classical guitar, and synthesizer, etc. Based on the theme of "March to the Future", this piece expresses the various ideas of botanical lights using the elements of #1, synthesizers that imitate water and electrons, and rhythmic and slightly comical bass.

Title:Songs for 植物が未来のエネルギー!?展

Client, Photo:株式会社グリーンディスプレイ

​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

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