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Song for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS (2022 Live)

Songs for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS (2022 Live ver.) | 千葉県流山市
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FLAPSからGREENPATHまでの通路20ヶ所に小型スピーカーを設置した「音楽のインスタレーション」とともに、「Songs for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS」の即興演奏を行った。

The release live of a terrace music of FLAPS, which was renewed by arranging the sounds recorded by the participants of the sound gathering workshop held in July.

We improvised "Songs for Nagareyama-Otakanomori S・C FLAPS" along with a "music installation" of small speakers at 20 locations along the pathway from FLAPS to GREENPATH.

​​Live Performance

Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Sampler:Syotaro Hayashi
Electric Bass, Sampler, Laptop, iPad:Ryota Mikami

​Title:Songs for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS (2022 Live ver.)
Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record


Songs for 流山おおたかの森S・C FLAPS (2022 Live ver.)
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