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Songs for Seren Collective ELM

Songs for Seren Collective ELM | 長野県北佐久郡軽井沢町

■Client Works / Space


株式会社ボルテックスが手がける高級別荘ブランド「Seren Collective」シリーズのひとつ、「ELM」の音楽。



<#1 エントランス、キッチン>


<#2 バスルーム、サウナ>


<#3 テラス>



Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.

Music for "ELM", one of the "Seren Collective" series of luxury villa brands by Vortex Co., Ltd.


The overall concept of the series is "Serenity" and "Serendipity". By using different music for the three zones (entrance/kitchen, bathroom/sauna, and terrace), we aimed to create music that would allow residents to feel the changes in each location. Occasionally, each piece was mixed with the other, creating a coincidental musical experience.

The overall concept of the music is "Inverted cone", "Fan shape" and "View point". The music was inspired by the structure of the building, its geometric design, and the dynamic forest landscape.

<#1 Entrance, Kitchen>
Themes are "Inverted cone" and "Fan shape".
 The instruments is piano. We used a composition method that changes the structure of the music by changing the staff of the music into an inverted cone shape and fanning various effects and sound treatments. The music is simple and calm, yet soft and somehow nice and uncomfortable.

<#2 Bathroom, Sauna>
Themes are "Loop", "Dandelion Fluff", and "Viewpoint". The instruments is piano. 
By using many refrains of static phrases, the music expresses a meditative atmosphere and a lightness as fluffy as dandelion fluff. The music harmonizes with the view of the forest seen from the bathroom and sauna, making it more immersive.

<#3 Terrace>

Themes are "The Birds in the Forest" and "The Rustle of the Trees". The instruments is piano. The piece combines slightly moving piano phrases, a melody that mimics the calls of the birds that inhabit the forest, and chords that evoke the rustling of the trees, making it sound as if it is in harmony with the creatures of the forest.

Title:Songs for Seren Collective ELM

Client:株式会社ボルテックス、X Platform株式会社、株式会社カミヤアーキテクツ

Photo:株式会社ボルテックス (1-12)

​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

#1 エントランス、キッチン / Entrance, Kitchen
00:00 / 1:08:48
#2 バスルーム、、サウナ / Bath Room, Sauna
00:00 / 57:35
#3 テラス / Terrace
00:00 / 48:57
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