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Songs for STORYLINE瀬長島

Songs for STORYLINE瀬長島 | 沖縄県豊見城市

■Client Works / Space

東急ホテルズ&リゾーツ株式会社の新ブランドホテル「STORYLINE 瀬長島」の1Fの音楽。



​<#1 / モーニング(06:00〜11:00)>


​<#2 / ランチ(11:00〜15:00)>

​<#3 / カフェ(15:00〜18:00)>

​<#4 / ディナー(18:00〜21:00)>


​<#5 / アフターディナー(21:00〜23:00)>


​ <#6 / ダウンオブタイム(23:00〜06:00)>


Spatial design using music.
Music for the first floor of "STORYLINE Senagajima", a new brand hotel of TOKYU HOTELS & RESORTS CO., LTD.

​The music concepts are "Miami", "Resort" and "Senaga Island". Inspired by the hotel's design code and concept illustrations. The main songs for each time are interwoven with derived songs to create a slow and steady flow, and the aim was to create music that is unique to this location, incorporating elements of Latin music, which naturally makes people feel happy and joyful.

​<#1 / Morning (06:00-11:00)>
The instruments are percussion, horns, electric guitar, strings, and vocals. This playful and powerful music expresses the movement and speed of architectural exteriors with percussion and bass, and the life-like nature of Okinawa with guitars and strings.

​<#2 / Lunch (11:00-15:00)>
The instruments are congas, bongos, strings, horns, steelpan, vocals, and acoustic guitar. The music has a cheerful and powerful atmosphere with a Latin American-style rhythm section, cheerful keyboard melodies, steel pans using Okinawan scales, horns, and pastel-inspired violins and synthesizers.

<#3 / Cafe (15:00-18:00)>
The instruments are percussion, marimba, electric guitar, synthesizer, and vocals. This lively and refreshing music expresses a pastel atmosphere with the rhythm and bass, and Art Deco geometric designs with the crisp guitars and regular marimbas.

<#4 / Dinner (18:00-21:00)>

The instruments are drums, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, organ, and vocals. The music expresses the transition from evening to night in an organic way, centered around three different stepwise switching rhythmic patterns and improvisational bass.

<#5 / After Dinner (21:00-23:00)>
The instruments are drums, bass, guitar, congas, harp, trumpet, synthesizer, marimba, and steelpan. Six different rhythm tracks (Latin Urban, EDM, Electro, Lounge House, Trap Hip Hop) were connected like a club DJ. This urban music is inspired by late night parties, heat, and neon lights.

​<#6 / Dawn of Time (23:00-06:00)>
The instruments are marimba, clarinet, birdcalls, and wave sounds. This ambient piece is based on the sounds of Okinawa's native birds, such as the long-billed kite, red-winged blackbird, larkspur, and common sandpiper, as well as the sound of waves, combined with the reverse playback of the clarinet and quiet phrases of the marimba.

Title:Songs for STORYLINE瀬長島



​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

#1 モーニング / Morning(Short ver.)
00:00 / 1:00:00
#2 ランチ / Lunch(Short ver.)
00:00 / 1:00:00
#3 カフェ / Cafe(Short ver.)
00:00 / 1:00:00
#4 ディナー / Dinner(Short ver.)
00:00 / 1:00:00
#5 アフターディナー / After Dinner(Short ver.)
00:00 / 1:00:00
#6 ダウンオブタイム / Dawn of Time(Short ver.)
00:00 / 1:00:00
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