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Songs for WOODSMART #1

Songs for 
WOODSMART #1 | 千葉県千葉市

■Client Works / Space



音楽コンセプトは 「プランツ」「海岸の流木」「編み」。



Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.

Music for the preview of the condominium designed by the landscape designer "WOODSMART".

The music concept is "Plants", "Driftwood on the beach" and "Weaving".
We expressed the slightly lonely driftwood of the coast and the openness of the plantings using classical guitars, ukuleles, tambourines, synthesizers, samples of field recording and other instruments.


We placed three speakers in the plantings of the entrance approach, playing three separate pieces of music. The music crosses like a knitting pattern, and we attempted to create a performance where the music changes depending on where you are.

Title:Songs for WOODSMART

Client, Landscape Design:WOODSMART

​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

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