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Songs for 四日市温泉 おふろcafé 湯守座

Songs for 四日市温泉 おふろcafé 湯守座 | 三重県四日市

■Client Works / Space

「現代の芝居小屋」がコンセプトの温浴施設「四日市温泉 おふろcafé 湯守座」の館内音楽。



そこで、櫓側と舞台側をつなぐ架け橋のように、施設中央エリアの​6ヶ所に小型スピーカー6台を配置し、それぞれから異なる音楽を再生。利用者が施設内を回遊することで、空間の中で「Songs for 四日市温泉 おふろcafé 湯守座」は完成する。


Spatial design using multiple music/speakers.

Music for the "Yumoriza", a hot bath facility with the concept of "Modern Playhouse".

Music concept is "Ensemble Cast of Pure Land" and "Ascetic Practices". We expressed the coexistence of various phenomena and 6 ascetic practices using marimba, electric guitar, keyboard, sampling, percussion, synthesizer and banjo and so on in music.

Popular music selected by Yumoriza are played in the Yagura area, and traditional music of popular theater are played in the stage area.

Therefore, we placed 6 small speakers (different music is played from each) in 6 places in the central area like a bridge connecting the 2 area. "Songs for Yumoriza" is completed in the space by the guest walks around the facility. We made a slightly chaotic atmosphere with music.

Title:Songs for 四日市温泉 おふろcafé 湯守座
​​Music Written & Directed by Vegetable Record

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