Vegetable Hotel

Vegetable Hotel

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The Vegetablesの1st アルバム。実験的な楽曲から歌ものまで様々なジャンルを詰め込んだ作品。陽気でお気楽なサウンドが特徴。10曲入り。

1st album of The Vegetables. A work packed with various genres from experimental songs to pop songs. It features cheerful and easy-going sounds.  10 songs included.

Title:Vegetable Hotel
Artist:The Vegetables
Cat No.:Veg-002

01. Banana House
02. Dance for Cheesecake 
03. Pa Pa Ya Ya! 
04. Run To The Mirror In The Bathroom
05. Lonely Moon (Do's Dream)
06. Song for Dolphin
07. God Rest You Merry,Gentlemen 
08. Break Your Heart 
09. I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow
10. I Want A Mouse

Music Written by The Vegetables
Music Directed by Vegetable Record